Welcome to the Blog of Don Dedrick.com, a web page about The Epiphany of Marcus Apronius, my novel of Ancient Rome and Early Christianity. This blog will cover various aspects of the novel, clarifications or supplementations of historical facts and events, and other miscellaneous comments from time to time. Please feel free to add your comments to the discourse. Enter the captcha code letters and/or numbers in the blank rectangle prior to clicking the “submit comment” button.



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  • Marion Dedrick Natho Fossler

    Just finished The Epiphany of Marcus Apronius.. WOW; fascinating. Where’s the sequel???
    Hello to Jeanne, Greg and Michelle.

    ‘Still in Austin, staying temporarily with Jill and Jake until my apartment in an independent living facility is completed- about 10 min. away. Jenny nearby , too. Let’s stay in touch! And now, about that sequel…….


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